WECA Graduation May 30

WECA Class of 2020 Drive-In Graduation Ceremony

Please read the information below carefully. We are excited to celebrate the Class of 2020, but need your help in ensuring we have a safe and orderly program. We will be taking social distancing measures during the ceremony. If you have any questions, please call the school at 246-1418.

 Graduation Details

  • When: Saturday, May 30, 2020
  • Where: Fike High School Parking Lot
  • Time: 9:00 a.m. 

Student Dress Code for Graduation

  • Students must wear a WECA graduation cap and gown in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students may wear an outfit of their choice and shoes of their choice under their graduation gown. However, students must wear the graduation gown appropriately. Meaning, there cannot be additions or modifications made to the graduation gown. Both the cap and gown must be worn by the student in order for them to participate in the ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony Tickets

  • Each WECA graduate will receive one purple graduation ticket for one vehicle entrance into the graduation ceremony. The senior’s parents and/or siblings can accompany them in the vehicle. No limousines or extra large vehicles are permitted.  

Time of Entry

  • Graduating seniors need to arrive at Fike High School before 8:15 a.m. the morning of graduation. This will allow time for the graduating senior’s vehicle to be properly parked in the designated area.
  •  The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department will be assisting with parking of all vehicles, please adhere to their guidance.

 Process for Graduation

  • Once all graduates have been parked we will begin the graduation ceremony promptly at 9:00 a.m. 
  •  Upon entry into the parking area, each graduate will receive a notecard with their name on it. The graduate needs to keep this notecard because it is the card that will be used to call their name.
  •  Once the ceremony begins and we get to the point of the program where we start to call names, there will be several teachers in the area where the graduates are parked. The graduates will need to listen and watch for the teacher’s directions on when they should exit their vehicle and line up to walk across the stage. Only when the teacher directs the student should they leave their vehicle, and only the graduate can leave the vehicle. 
  •  When the student is prompted, they will leave their vehicle and approach the stage. The graduate will hand their notecard to the teacher who is standing at the bottom of the stage. When the graduate’s name is called, they will then proceed to walk across the stage. On the stage will be a table that has diploma covers. The student will take one diploma cover and stand next to Mr. St.Clair for a picture. Once the graduate has their picture taken, they will exit the stage and return to stand outside of their vehicle until all the names of the graduating class are called. Once all the names are called, Mr. St.Clair will give the official word for graduates to turn their tassels and announce they’re now graduates of WECA.
  •  Important Note: Once the official conferment of graduation has been offered, students must return to their vehicles and prepare for departure from the parking lot. Parents, please do not leave your vehicle to take pictures or celebrate. It is important that we maintain safety for all during the ceremony and therefore we are not permitting anyone to leave their vehicles for photos or other celebratory acts.

 Leaving the Graduation Ceremony

  • The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department will conduct departure procedures. We ask for your patience and your cooperation during this time.

  Picking Up High School Diplomas

  • After the graduation ceremony, graduates are to drive to WECA and pick up their actual high school diploma. The diplomas will be given out in a drive-through process. The graduate will drive up to the WECA cafeteria and give the teacher their name and then they will be given their diploma. Only the graduate can pick up the diploma. It is important that the graduate not leave their vehicle during this time.
  •  We want to thank you for your participation and cooperation during the ceremony. We want to make this moment as special as we possibly can for our seniors. If you have any questions about graduation, please contact the school as soon as possible at 246-1418. Thank you. 

Graduation Parking Procedures

  • All graduates will enter the Fike High School parking lot from the direction of the Fike High School bus entrance, allowing all vehicles to make a right turn into the parking lot area. 
  • The first entrance of the parking lot where the parking attendant hub is located will be blocked off by cones for no entry.
  • The second entrance of the parking lot will be used for graduates only. We will have an SRO and a teacher at the gate entrance and students must brandish their purple ticket for entry into the parking lot. Graduates will follow the instructions of the teachers in the lot as to where to park. They will park in every other parking space at the direction of the SRO’s and teachers. 
  • There will be two SRO’s located in the graduate parking lot area to assist with parking cars and keeping order. In addition to the two SRO’s that will be present in the graduate parking lot area, there will be four WECA teachers on hand to assist with ensuring the right students are in the area.
  • Graduating students are required to be in the parking lot before 8:15 a.m. 
  • Dismissal from the graduation will be in the hands of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department. Graduates will be permitted to leave the parking lot by going through the first entrance of the parking lot. They must make a right on Harrison Drive to exit. No left turns will be permitted.